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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION a few little details that just might help

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Visa requirements: None for EU passport holders as you will be on a holiday trip
Brasília Time (BRT):



Average September temps - Day 27-28°C & Evening 20-21°C
There can be some rain showers but it will not be cold

Local Language:

Portugese dialect


Real (R$) As of May 2016 - €1 will purchase approximately R$4
Check here for up to date conversion

Power plugs:

Type N, but will accept standard Slim Type C Euro plugs

powerplug icon

Brazilian Type N power socket

powerplug icon

Slim Type C Euro plug


Bring comfortable loose fitting clothing, and a change for the evenings as it is likely you will want to refresh after a day in the heat.

Please remember your sunglasses and sun hats as long parts of the farm tour are exposed o the Brazilian sunshine, and it would also be advisable to pack sunscreen and a mosquito repellent.

... and don’t forget to bring your camera (& an empty memory card), you will have plenty of opportunities to document your fascinating TERRA DANNEMANN experience with us.