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Welcome to TERRA DANNEMANN the Spiritual Home of the DANNEMANN group deep in the Mata Fina region of Bahia, Brazil. Established more than 150 years ago TERRA DANNEMANN provides tobaccos for our cigar brand in Brazil and cigarillo brands overseas and is still the home of our artisan cigar rollers or charuteiras as we call them. We invite you to explore our fascinating world and look forward to meeting you if you are travelling in Bahia.


a proud heritage of excellence

In 1872 at the age of 21, a young man from Bremen, Germany, had a vision - He wanted to create the finest cigars in the world. That man's name was Geraldo Dannemann and, as his name suggests, he is the founder of DANNEMANN.
Geraldo settled in the small riverside town of São Félix, Bahia surrounded by the Mata Fina region, even then, famed for it’s exceptional dark fragrant tobaccos. Upon arrival in the town he built his first cigar factory (still in operation today), and began working with the local craftspeople rolling fine cigars.

Located directly on the bank of the Paraguaçu River, the city has offered and continues to offer several advantages. São Félix is the gateway to a centuries-old region of tobacco growing region known as Recôncavo. At the heart of this region is the microregion known as Mata Fina. Across the river from São Félix lies Cachoeira, a town with an outstanding infrastructure. In those days the Rio Paraguaçu was the best trading route to the capital, Salvador, from where the cigars and tobacco were shipped to Europe.

Geraldo understood that to create the finest cigars in the world he required the best tobacco and immediately began collaborating with the local farmers. This partnership continues to this day with over 200 family farms dating back generations supplementing our own 1,000 hectare plantation.

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a vibrant region, full of life & faded colonial glory

What started in 1872 is still very much alive today. In the company's original building, idealistically located directly on the riverbank, longfiller cigars continue to be rolled by experienced hands. And the product of these experienced hands continues to delight cigar connoisseurs all over the world.

From these modest beginnings DANNEMANN has grown into an internationally renowned tobacco group and it’s cigars and cigarillos are now available in more than 60 countries. Today TERRA DANNEMANN in Brazil encompasses 2 locations within the region, separated by a short 15 minute drive.

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Our second location, is our original factory building still in operation today on the edge of the Rio Paraguaçu. Here our skilled charuteiras carefully hand bunch and hand roll our signature cigars DANNEMANN Long filler cigars, using our exclusive wrapper leaves just as they have done for generations.

This is the ultimate expression of the company’s founding vision of TOBACCO • EXCELLENCE • CRAFT

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The primary location is Fazenda TERRA DANNEMANN, our 1,000 hectare plantation where all of our wrapper leaves are grown, harvested, & matured. On the plantation we also have a team of agronomists who tend the seedlings and work to develop new tobacco varieties, a dedicated water treatment plant to purify the water from our own lakes & damns as well a 200 strong team of local farmers who work the land and harvest the leaves during the winter months.

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